Island of Elba


The village Pomonte is located in the south-west side of Elba Island, between impressive sea cliffs and cute little inlets, surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean scrub and ancient vineyards, on the slopes of the highest mountain of the island, Mount Capanne.

It is a place where you can still rediscover the ancient values and rhythms of the past, in a town which maintains the charm of a borderland between modernity and tradition despite the increase in the tourist offer. Here the rhythms slow down and one of the most beautiful things to do every day is to admire the beauty of the sunset, different every day, on the rocks with an aperitif in hand, alone or in company.

This part of the Island is famous above all because only a few metres from the shore, at a depth of only 16 metres, you can see the shipwreck of the "Elviscott", the cargo boat that sank in the seventies. Today it is a very popular attraction among skin divers.

If you enjoy walking and want to get to the nearby villages or the peak of Monte Capanne, just follow any of the paths that start off right in Pomonte and go along the top of the mountains. Since many traces of mining works have been found in this valley that without a doubt was much thicker in the past, it is strongly believed that the origins of this village go as far back as Etruscan times.

Pomonte is located about 20 minutes from the center of Marina di Campo but offers the necessary services for those who want to spend a holiday: the village is well supplied with all the necessary services for a relaxing holiday : post office, bank (with cash point), pharmacy, two bakeries, newsagent, a small supermarket, tobacco shop, bars, restaurant, free parking spots, a small playground for children and the church of course ...

Just one kilometer towards north from Pomonte there is another village on the coast : Chessi. Running on a cliff overlooking the sea, the street connecting the two villages is perfectly illuminated during the night, which allows amazing walks either at sunset or at night enjoying the sea sight.

The gorgeous beach known as Fetovaia is just 5 minutes driving south; probably the most beautiful beach of Elba, set in a wonderful creek skirted by lush pine trees almost touching the water. 3 km after Fetovaia you reach Cavoli, an unmissable granite sand beach made famous by the clarity of its sea that enhances the Caribbean colors.

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